The 2020 Run for Women is now Virtual!

The Run for Women is more than a walk or run: it’s an movement for mental health across our province!

Take care of your mental health.

Celebrate the strength and courage of women in your life.

Reduce the stigma.

Be a champion for mental health.

Support programs for marginalized women across our province when they need it most.

The Run for Women is so much more than a run.  It’s for women, men, children – everyone! It’s for runners, joggers, walkers – inside or out! It’s a community of people who celebrate and champion mental health in our province. It’s a vital support to the programs at Stella’s Circle that provide shelter and counselling to women when they need it most.

Mental health has never been more important. Join us for the virtual  2020 event!  

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Learn more about the virtual Run for Women, brought to us by LOVE YOU by Shoppers Drug Mart program:

What is a virtual walk/run? How does it work?

This virtual 5km walk or 5km/10km run can be completed from any location you choose!  You get to walk/run your own route, at your own pace, and you can choose to time your walk/run yourself or use an app. Doing the virtual Run for Women is a great way to support women’s mental health programs at Stella’s Circle while still practicing physical distancing.

When can I walk/run the Virtual Run for Women 2020?

The official Run for Women event day is September 27, but you can complete your run anytime between September 17 and 27.

Where can I walk/run the Virtual Run for Women 2020?

Wherever you want! The best thing about participating in a virtual walk/run is you can start it right outside your front door. Follow normal street lights and traffic regulations like any typical training run you do.

What do I get with my virtual event registration?

With your registration, you will receive the Shoppers LOVE YOU Legendary Swag Bag worth over $100, a virtual bib, an UNSTOPPABLE Technical Shirt and a Foxy Originals Bracelet.

Can I still create a team?

Yes! Teams will still be available and ENCOURAGED! We need our support networks to achieve what is possible and teams have the added benefit of providing support to each other and encouraging each other to participate and fundraise! You can still register under your team name and keep in contact with your team members on event day. We encourage you to stay connected before and after your walk/run by setting up pre- and post-event video chats, sharing your photos with each other, and setting up some friendly competition or team goals. Or set up your double bubble as your team and complete the walk/run together!

I’m already registered for an event. Do I automatically get put into the virtual walk/run?

Yes! You’re automatically signed up for the virtual event because you registered earlier. 50% of your registration will be donated to your Stella’s Circle (previously this was $10).

Where does the registration fee go?

$40 (the entire registration fee) gets donated to Stella’s Circle. 100% of your fee and any fundraising goes directly to our programs for the women at Naomi Centre (NL’s only emergency shelter for young women), and the Just Us Women’s Centre (providing counselling to women who have had conflict with law, both inside and outside the province’s only correctional facility for women).

Can I support my local charity without participating?

Yes, you can! Click the “DONATE” button on the top right corner of our website. Then click the “give directly to the charity” link and choose the charity you would like to support. A tax receipt will be issued immediately.

Will I get a tax receipt when I register for the Run for Women?

We are not issuing tax receipts as participants are receiving an UNSTOPPABLE Technical Shirt, Foxy Originals Bracelet, and our legendary Swag Bag worth over $100! A tax receipt will be provided however for all donations and pledges.

Will there be fundraising incentives?

Yes! This year we have some great fundraising rewards for those who raise $250 or more. Check out the rewards here.

Can kids participate as well?

There is no minimum age! Each person participating will need to register individually.  We encourage anyone under the age of 13 to walk/run with an adult living in the same household. This event is for the whole family – pets, too! Did you know: our top fundraiser for 2020 right now is an English Setter puppy?!

Are there special awards for top finishers?

No there are not. All participants receive an UNSTOPPABLE Technical Shirt, Foxy Originals Bracelet, and our legendary Swag Bag worth over $100!

If I order home delivery, when will I receive my Foxy Originals Bracelet, UNSTOPPABLE
Technical Shirt, and Swag Bag?

The national Run for Women team are excited to get the swag into your hands! Their goal is to send out all tshirts, bracelets, and Swag Bags starting in early September. As regulations are constantly changing, they cannot guarantee the date you will receive your race kit. They will do their best to keep you updated on the timing of the deliveries. As long as you select the “home delivery option”, you will receive your package in the mail to the address you provide on your registration form. This option will charge you a $10.60 shipping fee. (Participants will also be able to pick up their kits at select Running Room locations across Canada at no cost.)