Celebrating Adult Basic Education Graduates

Stella’s Circle Celebrates Its Largest Graduating Class of Adult Basic Education Level 1

Stella’s Circle is hosting a ceremony this week to celebrate our largest graduating class of Adult Basic Education participants. 7 adults will receive a graduation certificate from Adult Basic Education (ABE) Level 1. The ceremony will feature Stella’s Circle Employment Services staff, speeches from the graduates, and guest speaker Brendan Squire from Keyin College.

“I want to acknowledge the courage and strength shown by the ABE level 1 graduates; first to seek help and find support around education, and then to stick with it to complete this program. It’s no small feat and I find it inspiring that people show up for themselves and each other in this group setting,” says CEO Laura Winters. “Every person graduating from this program has unique skills and knowledge. Our Employment Services programs, like ABE, are all about helping people recognize their own gifts, building their self-determination to help realize their fullest potential.”

ABE Level 1 at Stella’s Circle offers basic literacy and numeracy education in a supportive environment through delivery of the standardized provincial government curriculum. Level 1 is equivalent to grades 1-6 in the K-12 school system. Our ABE course is offered in small groups of up to 12 students and is structured around the specific needs of each participant. The 2022/23 program was the first delivered entirely in-person since the pandemic.

“Returning to school as an adult takes a tremendous amount of courage. When you consider that many of these students chose to enroll in ABE during the COVID-19 pandemic, which necessitated them to be innovative in the methods they used to learn and connect with their classmates and instructor, you can see how profoundly courageous they are,” Stella’s Circle ABE Instructor Jessica Lee-Middleman shares. “This year we were delighted to return full-time to the classroom, which allowed us all to develop a deeper sense of community and connectedness. These students have worked so hard and achieved so much; I have no doubt they will continue to do so as they further their studies in ABE Levels 2 and 3.”

Admission into ABE at Stella’s Circle is continuous. Community members interested are encouraged to contact [email protected] or call 709-579-1181 for more information to start September 2023.