Stella’s Circle works every day to improve lives. We give people hope where they had none. But we can’t do it alone. Your support and partnership with us can change lives! The Stella’s Circle Foundation supports the work of Stella’s Circle. Join us, and make a difference in a life today.

About the Foundation

The Stella’s Circle Foundation is a registered charity, established in 2005 to secure financial support for the work of Stella’s Circle.

Each year, the Foundation undertakes projects and campaigns that raise funds for a variety of programs as well as for building developments and other capital assets needed to achieve the mission of Stella’s Circle.

We are extremely grateful to our individual donors, our major sponsors, and our government funders for their support.

If you would like to know more about how you can contribute to the work of Stella’s Circle, please contact us. You may also make a contribution to the foundation through our secure donation page. Our Donor Privacy Guidelines can be found here. We also have a Gift Acceptance Policy which indicates that the Stella’s Circle Foundation Board gratefully accepts gifts from individual donors, corporations, foundations and other grantors that will further the mission of Stella’s Circle. Adherence to the Gift Acceptance policy will maintain the integrity of the organization and the Foundation Board members by providing consistency in the acceptance of gifts and in the administration of the gift acceptance process. Gifts should be in alignment with the mission and vision of the organization. The Foundation reserves the right to tactfully decline any gift that contravenes the mission, guiding principles and vision of the Foundation and/or Stella’s Circle.

Stella’s Circle greatly appreciates a group, business or individual’s interest in organizing a fundraising event in support of the programs and services of the organization. Stella’s Circle defines third party fundraising as “an external fundraising activity run by outside supporters whose proceeds are directed to the Stella’s Circle Foundation”. In accordance to the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) Guidelines, Stella’s Circle has developed Third Party Event Guidelines. For further assistance, please contact Craig Drover at 709-738-7730 or [email protected].

Board of Directors, Stella’s Circle Foundation 2023

  • Andy Fisher, Chair
  • Vanessa Newhook, Vice Chair
  • Jacqueline Kudla, Treasurer and Stella’s Circle Board Liaison
  • Bob Carter, Past Chair
  • Keith Bailey
  • Maria Clift
  • Robert Decker
  • Susan Drover
  • Robert Decker
  • Paul Griffin
  • Ted O’Keefe

Foundation Audited Statements
Foundation Registered Charity Return