Learn more about the impact of Stella’s Circle through our publications such as our Annual Report, Audited Financial Statements, and Strategic Plan.

Stella’s Circle Strategic Plan 

Our Stella’s Circle Strategic Plan outlines our goals and targets for the next five years. This document is our guide for the organization, one that includes all of our foundational layers (mission, vision, values) as well as our direction forward.

Stella’s Circle Annual Reports

Our Annual Reports provide highlights of some of our work during the fiscal year. It also includes a summary of our financial statements.

Annual Report 2022/23
Annual Report 2021/22

Stella’s Circle Audited Financial Statements

Our completed Audited Statements, both for Stella’s Circle as well as our foundation, Stella’s Circle Foundation are available here.

Audited Financial Statement 2022/2023
Audited Financial Statement 2021/2022
Audited Financial Statement 2020/2021

Stella’s Circle Foundation Audited Financial Statements

Year Ending March 2023
Year Ending March 2022
Year ending March 2021

Stella’s Circle Foundation Registered Charity Return

Gender Pronoun Guide

Stella’s Circle actively encourages the use of gender pronouns in employee email signatures and other introductions. This document explains how using gender pronouns aligns with our five core values of respect, wisdom, connectedness, innovation, and courage.

Gender Pronoun Guide

Participant Rights and Responsibilities

Participant Rights and Responsibilities

Financial Literacy Toolkit 

In January 2013, Stella’s Circle received a TD Financial Literacy Grant. The program, which is administered by Social and Enterprise Development Innovations (SEDI) provides grants that support and promote financial literacy for low income and economically disadvantaged people in Canada. This financial literacy toolkit was supported by a grant from the TD Financial Literacy Grant Fund.

Download the Financial Literacy Toolkit

Home Modifications and Community Support Toolkit
As part of a project around seniors with complex mental health needs aging in their community, we developed a Home Modifications and Community Support Toolkit. This helpful document suggests modifications that can be helpful to people as they age in their community.

Click HERE to see the Home Modifications and Community Support Toolkit.