Celebrating Helen Murphy

Helen Murphy and the Stella’s Circle Inclusion Choir at the Alternative Christmas Services Dec 2019. Helen is pictured doing what she does best – encouraging everyone to sing and form one community. ©Joe Chase 2019

Our hearts are full at Stella’s Circle with the news that Helen Murphy will receive the Order of Newfoundland and Labrador. We are so thrilled! We know Helen best as the volunteer conductor for our Stella’s Circle Inclusion Choir, a role she has played with gusto for over a decade. Each week, she encourages, laughs and sings with a group of people who often didn’t think they could ever be a part of any group, much less a much in demand vocal ensemble! The words of choir members reveal her impact best of all. Here are some of their thoughts on Helen:

  • “She feeds our soul–we feed hers too.”
  • “Helen gives me a sense of self and gives me courage.”
  • “Coming to choir has helped me increase my confidence, communicate and grow as a person. I feel proud of myself.”
  • “Helen has a big heart for us–a big heart for her community.”

Helen has made a big difference to our Stella’s Circle community. But she has been making change and having an impact for a long time. Helen has been a teacher. She has brought attention to our collective environmental responsibilities through her work on the Social Action Commission of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese. Helen was the co-ordinator of the Provincial Association Against Family Violence, supporting vulnerable and marginalized women and children. She worked with the Public Health Agency of Canada, focusing on their work on supporting Family Resource Centres.

Helen has a voice. She continues to use it. And she has given a voice to many people. We are thrilled that she has been recognized and will be receiving the Order of Newfoundland and Labrador.

Helen Murphy with Amelia Curran. Photo by Dave Hiscock.