Financial Wellness During COVID-19

Free Session on Financial Wellness During COVID-19

Join us this Thursday, June 4, 2020 at 7pm on Facebook  for a free wellness session focused on your finances during the global pandemic.

No doubt you’ve been monitoring your physical health, screening for symptoms these past few months. And hopefully you’ve been mindful of your mental health, too. But have you given some thought to your financial wellness?

A lot has changed during COVID-19. Some people have lost their jobs, some people are receiving new government supports; some people are spending less while staying in their bubble, and others aren’t quite sure what they’re spending at all! Stella’s Circle staff share some tips and strategies for managing your financial wellness. CEO Lisa Browne hosts the conversation,  streaming from our Facebook page at 7pm on Thursday, June 4, 2020. RSVP to the event so you get reminded when we go live.

We’ll be covering 3 important areas of financial wellness:

  1. Knowledge: What benefits and relief programs are available, and understanding the implications (good and bad) of using them
  2. Communication: How talking about your finances at home is necessary, even though it might feel uncomfortable or awkward.  Developing a family budget, revisiting your bill payments, and reaching out for help if you need it are top things to do.
  3. Wisdom: Our staff have learned lots of valuable information working with people who live on very low income. Determining what you need versus what you want is a skill. We’ll share some learnings about saving and spending.

No registration, no fee. Just some extra support from our staff to you to help look after your own well being. Pour up a cup of tea, grab a yummy treat and tune in. Start a watch party or attend on your own! You’ll be able to ask questions in the comments throughout the session.