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The best social program is a job. Many of our participants are eager to learn new skills and to get working. Our participants are available to hire for many different jobs. We can help match the skills you need with the best participant. Our Job Developer is ready to assist in making a match for individual jobs.

We also provide experience to participants in three areas through social enterprise – food services, commercial cleaning and a trades program. Through work at the Hungry Heart Café, participants learn the basics of food services and preparation. The Trades Helper Program allows participants to gain practical experience in the construction trades. Clean Start provides on-the-job training in office cleaning and maintenance.

Our participants are also available to complete short-term transitionary work. Participants may work between 1 and 15 hours per week on a variety of group and individual projects. People are paid minimum wage for the hours worked. Individual support and counselling is offered to help participants complete their work and achieve their goals. We have a transitionary, short terms jobs able to offer.

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