Meals Squared


You probably know that in addition to operating a thriving café & catering business, the HHC provides training to Stella’s Circle Participants.   What you may not know is that the Hungry Heart Cafe provides approximately 2500 low cost meals for our participants each year. Sharing a meal at community events brings great enjoyment to all involved, as well as offering nourishment that may often be elusive.

We would like to extend our production of low cost meals, and that’s where you can help!

When you come to the Hungry Heart for a delicious breakfast, lunch or supper you will be able to add $2 to your bill. This money will go directly toward the production of a well-balanced, delicious meal for a participant. Hunger is often a problem in the population we serve, and we would like to leverage our skills, and infrastructure to help eliminate it within our participants.

With your help we can provide delicious and nutritious meals to those in need.