An Incredible Moment

Through its Employment Services Division, Stella’s Circle offers a Skills Discovery Group.

Dom Jean June 2016 Grad

Group Facilitator Dom  speaks at the Skills Discovery Graduation June 2016

Classroom groups are combined with a variety of workplace and other experiential learning. The 12-week program is designed for adults who have experienced serious mental health issues and have had limited work experience. Topics can include personal development and life skills, career exploration and concrete topics to assist in preparing for employment.

At the end of each Skills Discovery program, there’s a graduation.  Each graduate gives a short speech about the program and what’s it mean to them. At our most recent graduation, the most amazing moment happened! One of the graduates became overwhelmed after starting her speech and had to stop. As she walked away to compose herself, her classmates walked over to the podium and surrounded and encouraged her until she finished her speech.

It was an incredible moment of support. Everyone in attendance was moved by the generosity of spirit shown by all participants. Moments like these–and there are many–are great reminders of why we work at Stella’s Circle. We are constantly inspired by and learn from our participants.

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-Lisa Browne, CEO