Hope Lives and Grows Here!

“Gardening is fundamentally an act of enormous hope because everything you do in the garden is for the future.”
-Barbara Frum

With a slogan of Hope Lives Here, Stella’s Circle knows a lot about the importance of hope. And if you’re a gardener in Newfoundland and Labrador, you’ve got to know a lot about hope too!

This summer, we’ve combined these two concepts. We’re thrilled to partner with the Conservation Corps of NL to create a Green Team. These group of participants are building and selling garden boxes. We have sold 15 boxes to date, and, thanks to a collaboration with a local condominium, the group has almost completed a greenhouse on that property.

greenhouse and box

There are many well documented benefits to gardening and horticultural therapy is a becoming more and more popular. In addition to the therapeutic benefits, participants learn about sustainable environmental practices such as composting, and the importance of fresh produce for a healthy diet. And of course, the participants are learning about behavior required while on the job, such as punctuality, teamwork and leadership.

There are three garden box options to suit your needs. For more informatMore mature farmers market box (2)ion, or to order, please call 579-1181 or email [email protected]. It’s a great way to support this initiative and watch your garden grow!

Our team lead, Dom, makes his pitch about the garden boxes in this video!