Hope Lives Here

By day, Dana Reid is a Life Skills Integrator at Emmanuel House. Outside of work, she’s a singer, songwriter, and recording artist. Dana combined her talents to write the song Hope Lives Here, the well-known tag line of Stella’s Circle, a leading community organization that provides supportive housing, residential and non-residential counseling, and employment services.

dana'The song was written by Dana who involved the Inclusion Choir in the process, many of whom are participants in Stella’s Circle programming.  The positive messages in the song–belonging and achieving goals–are reflected in the experiences of many participants.  Hope Lives Here was professionally recorded this past summer and is now available electronically for your enjoyment.  In this recording, Dana sings and is joined by the entire choir for the chorus. Have a listen!


Hope Lives Here
Written By Dana Reid, performed by the Stella’s Circle Inclusion Choir

I’ve been down a time or two
But I never stopped believing
I saw the light shine through
You lead the way and I did follow do do do do do do do


And hope lives here
I can be anything that my heart desires
Where I can build my dream and I can live my dream
Oh how we’ve made home

Through weakness I found my strength
I discovered inner power
Let the healing begin
I’ve become apart of the Stella’s Circle do do do do do do do


Think it feel it believe it my friend I feel safe with you|
You got to want it to make it happen just wait and see what I will do


And hope lives here I feel safe with you
Because hope lives here just watch and see what I will do