I Sing Because I’m Happy!

Why do you sing? Those were the first words that Maria Conkey asked the Stella’s Circle Inclusion Choir this weekend. Maria, Junior Choir Conductor at St. Michael’s Choir School and well known in this province for working with several choirs, held a workshop for our choir thanks, in part, to support provided by Bruneau Centre for Excellence in Choral Music.

The answers to the questions were revealing: because it makes me feel included; singing is how I first founds my voice; it gives me a sense of freedom; it helps me work on my emotions; it makes me feel safe. And perhaps one of the themes through all responses: it makes me feel happy!


Maria Conkey with our volunteer conductor Helen Murphy and volunteer accompanist Justin Mahon

Well Maria gave us lots of happiness! In addition to having lots of fun learning new warm exercises that tested our voices and our brains, we wrote about the positive traits in our fellow choir members. And of course, we’re well on our way to learning a couple of really neat new songs.

It was a great experience for all choir members. We have a number of gigs coming up and have plans for a Spring concert to celebrate our tenth year anniversary. As always, we’ll be singing because it makes us happy!