In Memory of Camille Strickland-Murphy

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The donation is is memory of Camille Strickland-Murphy.

Friends and family of Camille Strickland-Murphy joined together to make a donation to the Just Us Women’s Centre at Stella’s Circle in memory of their dear friend who died while serving a prison sentence outside the province. By bringing Camille’s experiences to light, her friends and family hope to end stigma around addiction, mental health, and the criminal justice system.

“Camille came from an amazing family and had a strong support system of friends,” says Hayley Drohan, who was a close friend of Camille. “She was an avid athlete, incredibly smart and had a beautiful heart. Our message in this donation is that struggles are not limited to a stereotype.”

computer station & plaque

This generous donation has funded a new computer station for the Just Us Women’s Centre. As a result, participants of the Just Us Women’s Centre can stay connected to their own communities and access online resources. The Just Us Women’s Centre provides counselling and support to women in the community and in correctional facilities who have been in conflict with the law. Individual and group counselling is offered such as addictions counselling, trauma groups, anger management, and peer support.

Friends of Camille Strickland-Murphy

Friends and family honour Camille’s memory with a donation to Stella’s Circle.