National Housing Day at Stella’s Circle

His Royal Highness Prince Charles at the opening of the Brian Martin Housing Resource Centre, November 2009

The Housing Division at Stella’s Circle has been officially in existence for 10 years, ever since Prince Charles officially opened the Brian Martin Housing Resource Centre in November of 2009. Our dedicated staff work with people every day helping them find safe and affordable places to live, either in our own 79 units of housing or through private market housing. To celebrate National Housing Day, we’re highlighting three people and sharing a little about their stories.




Tracey helped build the cabinets inside the Brian Martin Housing Resource Centre as part of an employment program at Stella’s Circle.

Meet Tracey
Twelve years ago, Tracey was struggling with a debilitating mental illness and living in Central Newfoundland. She was referred to Emmanuel House at Stella’s Circle and during her four month stay, staff helped her deal with past trauma and learn coping strategies for life’s challenges.

“When I finished the program at Emmanuel House, I had been living in an unsuitable apartment with water running down the walls whenever it rained,” shared Tracey. “Thankfully, Stella’s Circle helped me find safe and affordable housing.”

When Tracey was ready to get back to the workforce, she joined the Trades Helper program through Stella’s Circle Employment Services where she learned basic carpentry skills.

“I was so proud to help build the cabinets at the Brian Martin Housing Resource Centre at Rawlins Cross,” says Tracey.

Today Tracey is living completely independently. She no longer needs the support of Stella’s Circle and she loves her work as a carpenter.

“All of my experiences have helped me become a stronger person,” Tracey shares. “Stella’s Circle has helped me deal with my past and now I don’t automatically hit the panic button when something goes wrong. I’m so grateful for their help.”


Gary (centre) with staff members Albert (left) and Aaron (right).

Meet Gary

More than 10 years ago, Gary stayed at our Emmanuel House residential program following a challenging time in his life. Once he left Emmanuel House, Gary connected with our housing team, who helped him get back on his feet and find a place to live.

“Everyone at Stella’s Circle wants to help,” says Gary. “I don’t know where I would be without their support. When I was struggling, they told me things will get better. They helped me get through some dark times.”

Today, Gary is doing well with limited supports and is really proud to own his own car.


Meet Barb

Barb keeps the flowers looking lovely all summer

Barb learned about Stella’s Circle almost 10 years ago. Barb has used a wheelchair for 11 years which brings certain challenges.

“I used to be really nervous and visit the hospital regularly,” says Barb. “I would always move my fridge against the door when I first moved in. Now things are so much better and I feel safe. The last time I was in the hospital was four years ago. Safety is more important than money. If you don’t have peace of mind you don’t have anything.”

Today Barb lives in one of our fully accessible housing units and lovingly tends to the flower garden throughout the summer months and likes to welcome new tenants when they move in.

“Living here at Stella’s Circle really feels like coming home,” shares Barb. “I feel safe here.”


The Housing Services staff at Stella’s Circle are proud to work with people in our community and help them find and maintain safe and affordable places to live. Stella’s Circle offers a Housing Help Drop-In, every Monday – Thursday, from 1:30 – 3:30 at the Brian Martin Housing Resource Centre located at 84 Prescott Street at Rawlins Cross.  If you have more questions about housing support, call 738-0457.