A Look at Criminalized Women Services at Stella’s Circle

International Women’s Day is a time to recognize the achievements of women and raise awareness of the work to be done. Stella’s Circle offers two women programs, the Just Us Women’s Centre, and Naomi Centre. The Just Us Women’s Centre which works with criminalized women both at our building at Rawlins Cross in St. John’s as well as twice a week at the Correctional Facility for Women in Clarenville.

Just Us Women’s Centre

Correctional Facility for Women, Clarenville

At Just Us, we offer various group sessions, including addictions, trauma, Dialectical Behaviour Therapy Skills and anger management. These sessions are offered in the community or at the correctional facility. We provide a peer support environment once a week in the community.

Staff members Nicole, Lisa and Marla

We have worked with women in prison to record storybooks for their children and provided the books to those children so they can hear their mother’s voice.

Staff Amy

We partnered with the NL Credit Union to help women get IDs and open bank accounts.

Director of Clinical Services Denise with CEO Lisa and CEO of the NL Credit Union Allison Chaytor-Loveys

We offer Grief and Loss groups and other groups such as creative writing. We visit the Nova Institution in NS as part of Corrections Services Canada inreach program to help with release planning for women returning to the province.

We have worked with Drs. Jan and David Bulley to offer the Lullaby Project.

Thanks to our partnership with Shoppers Drug Mart Love. You. Run for Women, we have offered running programs to participants. The funds raised from the Run for Women go towards our women’s mental health programs at Stella’s Circle.

The numbers of criminalized women are relatively small. The issues are complex. The women are often invisible. But we see them. We want you to see them too.

Thank You Card Received From a Just Us Participant