Way to go Sheldon!

Congratulations are in order for one of our Stella’s Circle participants.  Last week, Sheldon Crocker did the Tely 10 for the first time! “Considering it is the first time I ever walked that far all at once without taking a sit down break, I think I did OK and I’m satisfied,” Sheldon told us. He also explained about the foot ware he chose for the 16 kilometer walk. “You might wonder why I wear army boots on such a walk. Well, they are not actually army boots but the specially designed shoes that I wear because of my physical disability.”

Sheldon was so appreciative of all the positive supportive spectators along the way. “People were yelling out words of encouragement, spraying water hoses and sprinklers to cool us off, blasting music from their stereos playing energizing uplifting tunes.  Each and every fellow race participant I passed said, ‘You can do it, way to go, you’re doing great!’ It was such a positive, invigorating experience.”

Sheldon has already begun planning for next year and he would like to finish under 3:00:00.  We know you can do it Sheldon! You are an inspiration to many.