Gifts of Securities

A gift of publicly listed securities such as stocks and mutual funds can be a good way to make donations to organizations you care about.

People who own stocks and mutual funds are happy when their investments have increased in value. However, when you convert your investment to cash, the capital gain is taxable.

By directly donating your publicly listed securities to the Stella’s Circle Foundation, you will pay no capital gains tax on the increase in value. This gives you an opportunity to save tax dollars even while making a generous gift to the Stella’s Circle Foundation.

The process is quite simple:

  • Contact Craig Drover at [email protected] or 709-738-7730 who will connect you with the investment firm that Stella’s Circle uses for accepting donations of securities.
  • Your broker transfers the stock or mutual fund you directed to the Stella’s Circle Foundation.
  • The Stella’s Circle Foundation provides you with an in-kind tax receipt for the value of the shares or mutual fund units at the close of the markets on the day the Foundation receives them in its account.
  • The Stella’s Circle Foundation sells the securities as soon as possible so that your donation can be used immediately for the mission of Stella’s Circle.

“Everyone at Stella’s Circle wants to help. I don’t know where I would be without their support. When I was struggling, they told me things will get better. They helped me get through some dark times.”


Download our Gifts of Securities package HERE

Contact Stella’s Circle:

Contact Craig Drover, Donor Relations, at [email protected] or 709-738-7730 for more information about our Planned Giving opportunities.

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