A Balanced Approach Grounded in Facts – Services Listing April 2, 2020

Our response to COVID-19 is the most important issue at the moment. Guided by our values, we continue to respond quickly as this situation evolves. Our operations respect the wisdom and recommendations of government and health authorities. At the same time, we respect the needs of our participants and are focused on helping them through this time by keeping them connected to supports, and to our community. We will innovate how we deliver our services with the health and safety of all as highest priority, and we thank our staff and participants for their courage during this uncertain time. How we provide these services will likely look different daily, and weekly.

This will be updated as situations change.

    • Naomi Centre:
      • Triage tool for any new residents as beds are available.
      • Single rooms in use only. The only double room is to remain vacant in case of isolation requirements.
      • Phone check-ins with former residents have been implemented to reduce external visits.
      • Weekly former residents supper changed to take-out meals available throughout the week.
      • Supply box on front step provided so supplies can be received in a safe manner.
      • Incentives being used to encourage women from leaving the facility.
      • Regular cleaner assigned to do two deep cleans a day, 7 days a week in addition to regular high contact cleaning.
      • Minimal rotation of staff working from home.
      • No volunteers permitted.
      • Provincial protocol in place re participants who develop symptoms or who show up at the shelter with symptoms.

      Brian Martin Housing Resource Centre

      • Minimally staffed 11-4 Monday–Friday. Participants can ring a door bell and staff will assist through a window.
      • People are encouraged to call 738-0457 to connect with housing services.
      • Client list divided up amongst staff to check on tenants and other clients.
      • Staff not assigned to come into BMHRC are working from home.
      • Funding from End Homelessness St. John’s/Reaching Homes and Eastern Health will continue to the end of the first quarter to continue with the Intensive Case Management program.

      Housing Units

      • Tenants can reach out to Housing Services as per usual by phone 738-0457 or through the Brian Martin Housing Resource Centre.
      • Only urgent maintenance requests completed. Screening questions occurring prior to maintenance requests being completed.

      Property and Development

      • Cleaning staff on duty, priority Emmanuel House and Naomi Centre.
      • Responding to essential maintenance calls only. Screening occurring prior to going into housing units. Maintenance staff working on a rotation.
      • Trades Helper and cleaning training programs suspended.
      • Contractors are not permitted in SC sites unless work is essential. Contractors are screened with COVID-19 questions prior to being permitted access.


      • No home visits occurring. HTS Training suspended.


      Community Support Program:

      • Modified services provided to existing CSP participants.
      • Only urgent transportation provided (in van adhering to physical distancing rules). Cleaning after every use of the van.
      • Medication delivery continues.
      • No visiting hours or Stella’s Pride.

      Emmanuel House:

      • Triage tool used as part of regular assessment for new residents as beds are available.
      • Single beds in use as much as possible. Double rooms have divider in rooms built.
      • Regular cleaner assigned to do two deep cleans a day, 7 days a week in addition to regular high contact cleaning.
      • Former resident suppers are take-out meals only.
      • No visiting hours.
      • Some staff schedules have changed to have less people in the building.
      • Provincial protocol in place re participants who develop symptoms or who show up at the House with symptoms.
      • No volunteers permitted.

      Just Us Women’s Centre:

      • Teleconferencing group sessions are being offered 6 times per week with Correctional Facility for Women in Clarenville.
      • Once a week drop offs of food to 30 of the most food insecure participants.
      • Just Us staff available at the facility on Wednesdays and Fridays 1-3 pm talking to participants by intercom.
      • Client list divided amongst staff and counselling provided by phone.
      • No in-person community trauma group, peer support or additional groups.
      • No volunteers permitted.


      Employment Services:

      • Cabot Street facility minimally staffed 11-4 with ability to talk with participants through intercom. Staff not on duty work from home.
      • Employment Services client list divided for phone check-ins.
      • Adult Basic Education group is suspended though online learning occurring.
      • Transitions to Work group connections happening virtually.
      • RBC Future Launch group assessment will be delayed.
      • Employment suppers are cancelled.
      • Learning resource packages dropped off to ABE and TTW employment groups
      • No volunteers permitted.

      Clean Start

      • Clean Start responding to individual customer needs as possible. Also working to respond to Stella’s Circle needs.
      • Cleaning teams have been reduced to adhere to physical distancing.
      • Safety check ins with each shift/site include COVID-19 related checks.
      • Additional supports provided to participants who continue to work including analysis of employment hours worked in the past 12 months to guide federal programming.

      Hungry Heart Café

      • Open 12-7 Tuesday-Friday and 4-7 on Saturday for curbside pick up and free delivery.
      • Have made close to 1000 meals squared.
      • Part of Stella’s Circle working group on current and anticipated food needs of participants associated with COVID-19.
      • Social Enterprise Training suspended.


    • All rehearsals cancelled.


    • Working from home with rotation of people in the office.


  • The CHANNAL Warm Line is available at 1-855-753-2560 9am to 12am daily. They are there to listen and help.
  • The Mental Health Crisis Line is available 24/7 for anyone experiencing a mental health crisis 1-888-737-4668.
  • Visit BridgetheGapp.ca to access several free, online mental health and addictions programs to support your mental health during COVID19, including a 30-day free mindfulness challenge, and The BreathingRoom.
  • The Crisis Text Line is confidential, free and available to anyone in NL, any time. Text ‘Talk’ to 686868 and a trained volunteer will be available.
  • For more information about COVID-19 and to complete an online self-assessment visit 811healthline.ca prior to calling 811.