Stella’s Circle Inclusion Choir with Amelia Curran

Stella’s Circle Inclusion Choir, together with Amelia Curran, is celebrating inclusion and community for Canada’s 150th birthday at Stella’s Circle Sings for Canada!  With performances by the Inclusion Choir and Juno Award-winning Amelia Curran, this event will showcase an original song written in collaboration with Amelia.  The audience will also be treated to a screening of a short video by Roger Maunder (Up Sky Down Films) documenting this remarkable project. Join us as we celebrate pride for everyone; pride in ourselves, pride in our communities, and pride in our country! Also honouring the 10th anniversary of the Inclusion Choir, Stella’s Circle Sings for Canada is a joyful reminder that Hope Lives Here.

Tuesday, April 11 at 7:00pm
For tickets call the Hall 753-4531 or purchase them online HERE.







This project has been funded by the Government of Canada.
Financé par le gouvernement du Canada.